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Client: Jerry Macnamara / Totally Soccer
Completion Date: May 2011

Adam Hansen has helped my team develop nearly a dozen websites. He has proven himself as an expert WordPress Developer.

Adam is a unique left-brain, right-brain talent, which allows him to completely understand your business goals while also articulating your vision into a pleasing picture. As someone who has worked with developers the world over, professional, competent and professional developers are very difficult to find; we are delighted to have Adam “on our team.”

- Jerry Macnamara

Totally Soccer

I like to think I work well with all my clients but some clients it just seems like the project is easier. That is the case with Jerry Macnamara at Totally Soccer. I have worked with Jerry on a dozen web sites for his business over the last year. is the most recent project I worked on with Jerry, and probably the biggest to date. Not only is there a lot of content and pages on the web site but the backend was completely customized to meet all his requirements.

What I love about WordPress is that I can customize any aspect that I want to, all it takes it the knowledge of coding and you can make anything happen. That is the case with because Jerry needed a way of easily adding new soccer jerseys, uniforms and equipment to his web site and did not want to mess with any coding himself. With that in mind I was able to build a form that he could easily fill out (including size, pricing, uploading photos, inserting galleries) that would automatically create the new page layout for him. Without WordPress, he would have to copy an html page and find the areas within the code to change. By editing the code directly the client could easily (by accident) delete just one character and then the site would not work. This takes all the complicated code and turns it into an easy to use form that any client can update themselves.

On top of the custom product area, I also created a blog, custom category pages, shortcodes and more. You can view the screenshots below but I would encourage you to visit the web site for yourself to see a great example of what can be done with WordPress. This is a perfect example of what a custom WordPress site can accomplish as opposed to an “out of the box” WordPress install. Many developers may claim to be advanced at WordPress, this is my example of showing that I am!

Totally Soccer Homepage

Category Level Page

Product Level Page

Created a custom WordPress backend so the client could easily add new products to the site without having to know any coding. All that is needed is filling out a form and everything gets created automatically.

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