Elkind Group Logo
Client: Fearless Branding / The Elkind Group
Completion Date: April 2011

The Elkind Group

I was once again hired by Robert Friedman of Fearless Branding to developer a new web site for one of his clients. For this project I needed to redesign a web site for his clients, The Elkind Group. They had a web site at the time but were not happy with it and also wanted to be able to update their own content and blog.

I worked with Robert and his designer to create a layout that met all their requirements. I then create the web site in WordPress and include a custom backend. The reason for a custom backend on this site was so the client could easily add documents on certain pages. I create a simple form so they could upload pdf articles which would then be formatted with a specific icon and download link. This is another case where the client only needs to fill out a small form and the page will be create for them dynamically, without any coding on the clients part!

The Elkind Group Homepage

Bio Page for Andy Elkind. Each inner page included a specific testimonial in the sidebar along with call to action graphics.

The color scheme will change depending on which section you are visiting. Below are two examples.

Contact & Support FAQs and Full Contact Information

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