South Boston Catholic Academy
Client: South Boston Catholic Academy
Completion Date: June 2010

"Adam Hansen has done a wonderful job with my website. It is clear, colorful, and very professional. Even better is the service I receive when I need something updated. All updates have been made quickly and efficiently. My experience with Adam has been great.

I’ve recommended the services offered by Adam Hansen to a number of other Boston schools."

- Barbara Keohane


South Boston Catholic Academy

I was hired to work on the South Boston Catholic Academy web site in 2010. They already had their web site created in WordPress but were having problems updating content themselves. This is an example of many sites I get hired for where the client does not need a new site but instead to fix their current site. Unfortunately many developers who claim to know WordPress end up making things worse.

For this project I did not change much of the design but did end up having to recode the majority of the theme. In doing so I may it much easier for the staff at South Boston Catholic Academy to add photos, blog posts and general content. This particular site had a lot of coding errors and WordPress errors in general. Once the errors were fixed I noticed the site not only loaded faster but they were getting better results on search engines.

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