News & Events

[Mar 05] Walter Zinn: An Overview of the State of Logistics in the US with Emphasis on Trends and Problems Feb 26, 2019
[Sep 13] Yanfeng Ouyang: Routing and Scheduling of Critical Resources: Some Challenges and Solutions Sep 06, 2018
[Sep 11] Anming Zhang: Air and high-speed rail competition and cooperation: Recent theoretical and empirical analyses & Adaptation to Climate Change Effects and CompetitionBetween Ports: Invest Now or Later? Sep 05, 2018
[Jul 13] Michael G H Bell: Designing ferry networks: Sydney Harbour as a case study Jul 06, 2018
[Jul 12] Dr. Michael Zhang: Traffic Flow Research in the Era of Autonomous Vehicles Jul 06, 2018
[Jun 27] Wei (David) Fan: Tabu Search Strategies for Variable Speed Limit Control at a Lane Drop Bottleneck Jun 20, 2018
[May 29] Thierry Vanelslander: Impact of policy measures on port competitiveness: Belt and Road and internalizing external costs May 22, 2018
[May 18] Young-Tae Chang: Economic and Environmental Efficiency of Transportation Sectors May 11, 2018
[Apr 25] JIN Jiangang: Feeder Vessel Routing and Synchronization at a Congested Transshipment Port: A Column Generation based Approach Apr 08, 2018
[Mar 08] Qing Liu: Ship Pooling in the Containership Charter Market Mar 05, 2018
[Dec 20] Jingxing Wang: Transportation Big Data: Promises, Issues, and Implications Dec 19, 2017
[Dec 20] Changmin Jiang: Mitigation vs. Adaptation: Impact of Inter-Port Interactions on Climate Change Strategies Dec 18, 2017
[Dec 14] LEE TAEWOO: Research Trends and Methods in the Belt and Road Initiative Dec 11, 2017
[Nov 17] Ann Zhang: World Ship Oil Spill Emergency Response: Challenge and Future Nov 13, 2017
[Jun 09] Adolf K.Y. Ng: Dry Ports and Inland Terminals Jun 02, 2017
[Jun 09] Adolf K.Y. Ng: Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Ports Jun 02, 2017
[Jun 08] International Workshop on Maritime Transport and Logistics Jun 02, 2017
[May 15] ManWo Ng: Maritime Logistics: A U.S. Perspective May 11, 2017
[May 12] Eleni Thanopoulou: Shipping and Transport in Uncertain Times May 08, 2017