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About AHansenDesign

AHansenDesign is a small design firm started by Adam Hansen located near Boston, Massachusetts. We specialize in the creation of web sites and blogs using the WordPress platform, this allows our clients full control over their content.

Adam Hansen started freelancing full time in 2005 and at that time started AHansenDesign on his own. He was able to build a small but solid client base soon after by searching for projects on craiglist and oDesk. Since then the client list has grown and other freelance designers have been brought in to assist Adam in the work AHansenDesign has been hired for.

In 2008 Adam started using WordPress to create web sites and realized immediately that this was a much better option for both himself and his clients. By building a site on the WordPress platform, it would allow his clients the ability to update content on their own – something that is often requested. Another request that is always made is search engine optimization and WordPress comes with great built in features. It was then that Adam made the decision to focus on WordPress web site and blog projects from that point forward. The response from clients has been extremely well received, to the point where past clients have come back to have their older sites converted to WordPress.

In 2010 AHansenDesign started offering more services such as search engine optimization, logo design, social media consulting and training and full support & training of WordPress for clients.

Planned to launch in 2011 is a complete WordPress support web site that will only be access by clients of AHansenDesign. This site is being built to allow clients access to a full list of training materials on how to use WordPress and answers to questions and possible problems. This will be an exclusive feature available only to AHansenDesign clients.

Our Promise

We use WordPress for every web site and blog we create for our clients and also for ourselves. This allows us to offer our clients an easy to learn content management system (CMS) so that they are able to perform updates to their sites themselves. By designing web sites and blogs for WordPress, we are also giving out clients excellent search engine optimization benefits to help with their ranking on sites such as Google and Bing. Every single web site and blog we create comes with full, direct, one on one support from AHansenDesign. We understand that as easy as we say learning WordPress is, it still may take some people longer. That is why we will work with you once the site is launched to make sure you are completely comfortable navigating and using WordPress and we will continue to work with you until you are comfortable with it.


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